Jetty Fenders

$280.00 inc. GST per meter

Protect your boat 🛥️ with our Jetty Fenders! Strong 💪, durable 🏗️, and easy to install 🔧. Fits all sizes 📏 for worry-free docking. Keep your vessel safe and sound! 🌊

Product Price
Delivery Fee $100.00
Total Payable Amount $380.00


🛥️ Jetty Fenders: Your Vessel Best Friend 🛡️

Keep Your Vessel Safe with Premium Jetty Fenders!

Are you tired of worrying about docking damage to your beloved boat?
Our Jetty Fenders are here to offer unparalleled protection, ensuring a smooth and secure docking experience every time. Crafted from the highest quality materials, these fenders are designed to absorb impact and prevent the wear and tear that comes with docking.


  • 💥High Impact Absorption: Say goodbye to scuffs, scratches, and damage
  • 💪Durable Construction: Made with marine-grade materials for long-lasting protection.
  • 🎯Easy Installation: Quick to set up for immediate use.
  • 🔄Versatile Fit: Suitable for a variety of boat sizes and dock configurations.

Don’t let docking damage dampen your sailing spirit. Shield your boat with our Jetty Fenders and dock with confidence and style.



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